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        CED INDUSTRIAL(HK)CO.,LTD is an international business and trade company.It was founded in February 20,2009,and so far the R&D sales team has formed to 100 people.Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses,Smart Bluetooth Cup,Smart Watch,Smart Home,Dynamic Thermometer and Inspection Camera are our main products be exported to Europe,Janpan,Korea and other parts of the world.OEM&ODM service are welcomed.With effective management and high quality products,we have the confidence to build long term business relationship with the customer all over the world.
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Industrial endoscope can be used to check the temperature and observation sites, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye can not be directly observed, mainly for the automotive, aerospace engines, pipes, mechanical parts, etc., can be assembled and without dismantling or destruction of equipment case stops to achieve non-destructive testing is widely used in various sectors of aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical, chemical, power, gas, nuclear, civil engineering and other modern core industry. Industrial endoscope can be used with a camera, video camera or computer coupled, photographic composition, imaging and image processing system, for monitoring the field of view of the target, the recording, storage and image analysis--

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